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CAFE WiFi Solution

Easy WiFi service!

The future trends of ubiquitous WiFi, the skyrocketing rise in the number of smart phones in use, 80% of the time, people want to access the WiFi Internet when they seat some where. Our CAFÉ WiFi Solution adopts unique IP Plug and Play technology that enables customers to get WiFi service instantly without setting up any IP configuration. It provides web-based management and marketing cooperation that allow you to manage WiFi account service easily.

Commerical Hotspot Solution

Market your business with social power!

When you purchase device WG-607/ WG-701/ ISS-7000 v2/ ISS-7000 v2 CB, you can register and subscribe CoolbeeWiFi@ service to provide social login for your customers. So, when customers of yours access free Internet via Facebook/ Twitter/ Wechat/ goolge plus and Weibo login from your portal page so you can promote your own Fan Page and ask for help to post a recommendation on your customer's Facebook. This increases your business' visibility, customer engagement and sales. And there are more benefits, check our CoolbeeWiFi site to learn more...

Pre-Paid Wi-Fi Solution

All-in-One Instant Hotspot gateway with built-in Thermal Printer, WG-500P offers you a robust and secure hotspot solution which is just perfect for the mini size venues such as café/ airport lounge/ store or shop. The WG-500P provide customizable billing profiles and internet access with time limit control which is based on our billing management...learn more

24 Hours WiFi Self-Service

24 hours WiFi self-service save your labor cost to manage and provide guests WiFi service in the food court, café and restaurant. The valued-added solution provides you WiFi billing service.

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