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The Wireless Subscriber Gateway WG-606 is designed as an Access Controller for service providers/ system integrators/ hotspot operators to deploy a Hotspot service with backend-RADIUS-Server. With its standard based RADIUS protocol, Hotspotoperators can integrate WG-606 with any kind of RADIUS Server which is standard based.

WG-606 Hotspot gateway offers prepaid cards selling and instant ticket selling at the same time. If end users who do not want to subscribe the Hotstpot service or don’t have prepaid card, they can just purchase a Wi-Fi ticket at any the location where the WG-606 has installed and connected with WG-500P P, such as Bed & Breakfast, Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Airport & Transportation Center and Campus Library and Scenic Square.

The WG-606 also provides a customized and user-friendly management interface that supports web-based authentication and management tool, and marketing cooperation.


  • ƒUp to 200 simultaneous devices
  • ƒCompatible with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN 2T2R
  • Support WPA/WPA2, 64/128 bit WEP data encryption, layer 2 isolation, and SSL login page to enhance security
  • ƒSupport firewall functions
  • VPN (IPSec/PPTP/L2TP), PPTP VPN client, and IP/MAC/URL address pass through
  • Easy to Use, IP Plug and Play Internet Access
  • Zero configuration Internet access! Connect your handheld devices to the network. It will automatically configure itself for the network.
  • Web-based management
  • Manage your WiFi account service easily and customizable login pages to enhance your brand image.

The Handlink WiFi Solution Difference

Powerful WiFi HotSpot Billing Gateway can works with WG-500P P Hotspot Printer to provide a simple hotkey to generate dynamic WiFi account and password for guest to access Wi-Fi, It also provides hotkey to generate billing summary and save your labor cost.